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Most people think that you can just throw up a one-page business website with great web design and it will rank for tons of keywords. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Ranking on Google is much more complicating than this. Our SEO Experts take a systematic research approach to determine what your website needs to rank. and then we help execute. There is no guesswork. Instead, you get a straightforward plan that we execute.

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Affordable Halifax SEO Service
David Moffatt SEO Expert

Meet David Moffatt. Your SEO Halifax Expert.

Hi - Thanks for visiting RankUp Seo. My search engine optimization journey began when I was looking to hire a reliable SEO company to help me with another company I own. I spent weeks interviewing countless companies trying to help me improve my organic search engine results. I quickly discovered that everyone offering SEO solutions was over-promising and underdelivering. No SEO Team could produce the organic search results they promised.

This made business decisions surrounding SEO next to impossible and made my search engine marketing dreams frustrating. I spent north of $50,000 trying to build my organic search traffic. I spent many countless days and nights researching, studying, and implementing my own SEO strategies. After analyzing my website traffic I quickly realized that the work I was putting in was outperforming what I had paid thousands for in the past.

It was then that I decided I would enter the search engine optimization industry and begin offering my own search engine optimization services.

My goal is simple: over deliver and exceed expectations.

Your target audience should find your website when searching

SEO shouldn't just be about ranking higher in the organic search results. Website owners need a targeted approach to understanding what your potential client or audience is searching for. To do this effectively in your local market you have to you ensure all the fundamentals of SEO, including local seo, form part of your SEO marketing strategy.

This is where we can help. As an SEO agency we take the guesswork out of your SEO growth and ensure you show up on Google Maps and regular search results.

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Your Business needs certainty.

Running a business is hard work. Halifax and surrounding area is a relatively small market compared to others, however, this means competition is tough. You need to be confident that your site will stand out on top.

Your Business Needs Certainty
Outrank your competition

Outrank your competition on Google

Quality traffic = profit. Quality Traffic comes from outranking your competition. Our Halifax SEO approach isn't based upon the new latest trend but instead based upon a comprehensive analysis of all competition, and the keywords you want to rank for while ensuring you are compliant with best practice's and Google guidelines.

Work with an Agency who has been in your shoes

I've been there. I've done that. I've spent a lot of money as a business owner on SEO companies. My goal is to be your last Halifax SEO company you ever need. We believe in an ROI focused approach. Which means rankings mean nothing if they do not generate you profit. We will help you target the keywords that matter and add to your bottom line.

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Frequently Asked SEO Halifax Questions

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

  • Why should you hire RankUp SEO agency for Search Engine Optimization Services?

    We believe that digital marketing and SEO services in general are full of smoke and mirrors. Fancy pitches with empty promises. We want to change this. We believe in implementing our SEO strategies for your business success. We have helped skyrocket websites to make over 6 figures of annual revenue. Our search engine optimization company can help you with this as well.

    We believe that partnering with a professional SEO company in Halifax is the best way to grow your business and leverage your existing marketing strategy. Let our web professionals help you future proof against the ever-changing search engine optimization industry.

  • Are your SEO Services white hat?

    Our SEO team believes in staying above board with our SEO strategies when looking to increase your web presence. This means we do everything in our power to ensure that you stay on the right side of Google. Our on-page SEO, technical SEO, and content creation is all geared towards ensuring maximum compliance with Google’s best practices and guidelines.

    It should be noted that any type of active link building is against Google’s terms of service. Yes, this includes creating a great piece of content and showing it to others in the same niche, and asking for a link. However, we believe the approach we take to link prospecting to the best safest form of link building available.

    We are aware of other SEO companies that engage in very dangerous SEO tactics & practices. We do not believe in this, and will treat your website as if it is our own! The SEO industry has a bad name and we are looking to change that.

  • Do you offer other digital marketing services?

    As part of RankUp SEO services Halifax we can assist with other digital marketing strategies. This can include web design assistance, assistance with Facebook Ads and lead generation funnels. While we are SEO specialists first, we know that internet marketing is much broader than this.

    Sometimes these services have to be contracted out based upon our resources and technical requirements. If this occurs we manage the entire project for a small mark-up (10%).

    We recommend working on your business website in a holistic approach to attracting potential customers via a variety of online marketing sources.

  • How much do I need to spend to get on page 1?

    Without looking at your website, this is a hard question to answer and even then it can be difficult. There are many factors that determine how difficult it is to get to the top: how competitive your industry is, how new your website is, and if your website is technically set up to rank.

    We can work with nearly any budget. Typically the more you spend, the faster the result comes. This is simply a by-product of being able to get more work done.

  • What is your pricing?

    Our pricing is highly dependant on your expectations. However, we believe in being honest and upfront with individuals about the anticipated difficulty of the project. We will work with both small and large companies with a variety of budget ranges.

    If your goal is to get more website traffic for your local website and don’t have a massive budget then we can look at Local SEO services which will optimize your local google search presence.

  • Can you help with social media marketing?

    While we can assist with social media marketing and social media management, this isn’t our primary area of expertise. We typically recommend working with an expert in that area or we can help you find someone we trust.

  • FAQ Questions

  • Do you only offer SEO Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia?

    While our offices are located in Halifax, NS we can offer our services for any website that is in the English language even if it is outside of the Halifax, NS region. We are an SEO service provider for companies in Canada & the US.

    We can also assist with SEO optimization across all business markets.

  • Does my website need to be a WordPress website?

    While we can help with websites on other platforms, such as Wix, Squarespace, etc. WordPress is by far the most versatile platform to achieve SEO success. The reason for this is because WordPress allows for ultimate customization. This includes ensuring your page speed is optimized, that your website looks the way you want it to, and that we have all of the functionality and features needed.

  • How do I know what relevant keywords to target?

    Most SEO consultants rely on the business owners to supply them with relevant keywords to rank for. We take a different approach to SEO analysis and focus on money intent keywords. This means we want to focus on search terms that will actually drive profits for your business. Organic traffic is great but if it doesn’t translate into dollars it means nothing.

  • What does your timeline typically look like

    While every plan is customized to the individual a typical plan follows the basic outline below.

    • First Step – Pre-work (initial audit) – Discussion with you to determine your needs, desires, and your existing and past digital marketing efforts. We will determine if we can assist.
    • Second Step – Foundation work – Once we determine we can assist, our seo professionals will begin:
      • Reviewing & optimizing all web pages for on-page/technical SEO components. This could include a rebuild of your website depending on its current structure, and performing speed optimization alongside the regular on-page/technical SEO work.
      • We would also create/optimize Google My Business profiles, review all existing social media profiles, set up Google Analytics, etc.
      • Market research also occurs here to ensure you have the best success at ranking.
    • Third Step – Off-Page/Content Creation – With a proper foundation built link acquisition and properly optimized and engaging content can begin to be created.

    The speed at which these three main steps can be completed is largely dependant on your budget and the current foundational state of your website and landing pages. We typically start ranking keywords that your home page and service pages already rank for. This usually provides the fastest SEO marketing success and allows for long-term growth.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    We absolutely guarantee the quality of our work. However, what most people are asking is if we can guarantee that their google search rankings will increase.

    This is impossible to guarantee, unfortunately. There are several reasons:

    1. Google changes its algorithm all the time. This can cause fluctuations in rankings completely out of our control.
    2. Everyone is fighting for the first place. This means many people are competing for the same keywords. Most reputable and honest SEO experts follow a similar process to obtain more traffic. The more work and effort is put into a website the faster it will rank. So if a competitor with a larger budget comes around they can certainly outrank you.
    3. Your budget impacts the speed at which items can be implemented. And as #2 suggests, if a competitor can implement their SEO.

    We understand that a guarantee helps when making business decisions and because of this all of our SEO plans are monthly plans. If at any point you are not happy, give us 30 days’ notice and we will part ways.

  • Are you a web designer?

    We are not a web design agency and so website design isn’t our forte. In the event you need to rebuild your web pages and require a web designer to assist you with your website design needs we will gladly connect you with a reputable designer. If you are not comfortable navigating this process alone, we can help coordinate and manage the rebuild for a small mark-up. This will ensure your web design strategies and your SEO strategies go hand in hand.

  • Let's discuss your SEO Halifax Needs. Book a time to chat, below.