Do SEO companies provide guarantees

Do SEO Companies Provide Guarantees?

Do search engine optimization companies provide guarantees? The short answer is usually not. By definition, an SEO Company does not do anything that can be done with 100% certainty.


Well because SEO is an ever-evolving and constantly changing landscape. It is filled with best practices, tricks, and outright scammers. But most importantly, it is filled with other companies who are also competing for the same positions as you are.

This means that SEO is kind of like a match of tug of war that took place inside of a bouncy castle. Silly, I know – but it is the truth. You can prepare and put in place as many of the best practices as possible, the other team may do the same, and you have outside forces of the wobbly and ever-changing ‘landscape’ that you stand on.

What most SEO agencies believe

Most SEO companies simply do not offer any sort of guarantee.

The problem with this is SEO campaigns are typically quite expensive. Done-for-you SEO services typically cost in the range of $1500-5000 per month for most niches. Typically the more localized you are, the lower the cost becomes, depending on the industry.

So you, the business owner, are left to blindly trust a company for several thousand dollars a month to do what they do. All while Google manipulates the algorithm constantly.

This is why most business owners do not pursue SEO as a viable form of marketing.

What is RankUp SEO’s position?

For those who do not know, I founded RankUp SEO after having spent over $50,000 on SEO services for my other business that was significantly over-promised and significantly underperformed. It was an extremely disappointing process for me.

I took my business’s SEO into my own hands and increased revenue generated by my website by over 200% in approximately 16 months.

Well here is an interesting part about my other business – it was a similar tug of war style business. We guarantee most of our work (obviously, depending on the circumstances) because we were 100% confident that our services will provide the result we expect.

I hold a similar belief with RankUp.


RankUp SEO’s Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. For our done-for-you SEO packages:

We guarantee your website’s organic traffic will increase within 9 months, or we will continue to work on your site for an equal period.

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