Value of SEO

Value of SEO: Calculate Your Traffic’s Value & The 3 Stats That Matter

Have you ever wondered if SEO is actually a good way to spend money? You are not alone. Understanding the value of SEO is complex and has many moving parts. In today’s article, we are going to break down how to properly determine the value of SEO on your website.

Let’s first discuss what SEO is and how it differs from other forms of paid advertising and marketing.

‘Regular’ paid advertising focuses on instant results – in that you pay a publisher whether it is:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Billboard Company
  • Radio Company
  • Newspaper
  • Etc

To show your website/product/service/etc above organic results.

This isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, a proper ‘regular’ paid advertising campaign can drive serious results and can be more easily scaled.

To make a visual analogy – paid advertising is like renting the most beautiful custom house you’ve ever seen. You instantly get access to all of its amenities without having to bear the burden of having built the house.

However, once you turn off the tap, the results instantly go away.

SEO on the other hand is more akin to building the house. To build a house you have to build and complete the following steps:

  • The foundation & structure – Technical SEO,
  • Decorate and furnish – On-Page SEO & SEO content, and finally
  • Tell people about your house – Off-page SEO / Link Building

Once the house is built, it is yours. That isn’t to say that no further work is required. Just like owning a house there is still regular maintenance and updates are required but it is typically a far lower cost in the long run than renting.

3 Noteworthy SEO Statistics

Understanding the value of SEO is really easy when you understand what is at stake when it comes to SEO. These stats are courtesy of

  • 53% of website traffic comes from organic searches.
    • Ignoring this can be detrimental to your profits.
    • This is almost double that of paid traffic.
    • This is 10x more than social media traffic.
  • Over 99% of all searchers click on a result from the first results page.
    • Being on the 2nd page (rank 11+) isn’t good enough.
  • The first result has a 28.5% click-through rate. The 10th result only gets 2.5%
    • Ranking higher means more traffic, which translates to more profit.

 Lesson to learn:   You simply cannot ignore the importance of ranking high on Google.

SEO Value Calculator

Use the calculator below to calculate the value of your current traffic as well as what it would look like if you increase your website traffic by relatively small amounts.

So the question is… how long does it take to increase traffic?

While SEO is a long-term investment, many SEO projects start seeing results in as little as 4-8 weeks.

Many Factors To Value

Value of SEO
30%+ increase in overall organic traffic

While organic traffic is an important metric, at RankUp SEO we believe in ROI Focused Results. This means, quite frankly, that traffic to us is simply a vanity metric.

One project we worked on didn’t see a noticeable increase in traffic at all. In fact, initially, we saw a sharp decline in traffic. Thankfully, we had prepped them for this ahead of time as anyone would question the value of SEO if this occurred to them without notice.

Before us, they had a social media marketer who also did SEO on the side. They focused on a content-first SEO strategy. While a content-first approach isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on the website the marketer fell into a similar trap that many do.

They focused on traffic as their primary measure of success. This was a mistake.

When we took over we focused on two simple aspects:

  • Targeting keywords that would actually drive conversions, regardless of traffic metrics, and
  • On-page optimizations to help with conversions.
 This lead to their conversion rate increasing by over 130% within 6 months. Their client conversion rate also increased as well.  

To say they were thrilled is an understatement. Their website went from being something that existed, to actually being a meaningful asset they owned.

Calculating the value of SEO without having a website

If you don’t have a website calculating the value of SEO can be a little tricky! The easiest way is to use industry averages for your conversion rates courtesy of Geckoboard.

Industry Website Conversion Rate
Ecommerce 1.84% – 3.71%
Other Industries 2.35% – 5.31%

You can use these conversion rates with the SEO Value calculator above and play with the traffic numbers to see what the value of your traffic could be worth if you properly optimize your website with SEO industry best practices.

Need help with your website creation?

If you don’t yet have a website feel free to reach out to us to discuss your project. We can ensure your website is built with SEO in mind so you don’t have to make a ton of changes afterward!

Conclusion: Value doesn’t stop once a client converts

The truth is that once a client organically finds your website, fills out a lead generation form, or purchases something from your website they are worth far more than the individual sale.

Think about how:

  • You can now remarket to them,
  • You will gain a repeat customer,
  • The conversion rate of that individual user in the future will be much higher,
  • The opportunity to gather critical feedback via reviews,
  • And so much more.

Most businesses, widely underestimate the value of a single client or customer. This leads to companies spending far less on marketing initiatives like SEO services than they otherwise should.

SEO is arguably the best investment you can make to generate leads.

Every marketer knows that Google has some of the highest intent-based users in the web ecosystem. Capture them, and profit.

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