What does an SEO agency actually do

What Does an SEO Agency Actually Do?

An SEO agency is a company that helps businesses get more people to visit their website. You might be wondering, “What does an SEO agency actually do to achieve this?” They do this by implementing SEO strategies to improve their website so it will rank higher in search engines.

An SEO agency helps with a variety of tasks. Fundamentally there are three main components of SEO that agencies will focus on. Let’s break them down.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring your website can be effectively crawled by Google and ensuring a proper user experience. There are many free technical SEO tools you can use to help you do this yourself, but most would prefer to leave this to a professional.

The reason many prefer to engage the services of a professional is that some technical SEO fixes are quite complex, and require the services of a developer. This would include items like:

  1. Ensuring your site speed is adequate, and
  2. Mobile responsiveness of your website.

On-Page SEO

This consists of optimizing your existing content and pages and writing new content for your site in a way to make it more attractive for search engines to rank higher.

When an agency is helping you with your on-page SEO, they will be looking at items such as:

What keywords to use in the titles and content of your pages so that search engines can better understand what information should go here.

How to optimize metadata through things like page descriptions and headers.

Content creation for web pages that have not yet been created.

An SEO agency will ensure you are targeting ‘High-Intent’ keywords; keywords that will actually translate into sales. For example, your site may rank for ‘cute dog pictures’, when you sell dog toys. Unfortunately, ‘cute dog pictures’ is unlikely to lead to any meaningful amount of sales.

An SEO Agency would optimize your site and create content around dog toy-related topics such as ‘Dog toys for small dogs’, ‘affordable dog toys’, etc.

Off-Page SEO

To explain off-page SEO simply, it is the act of promoting your website to other website owners in the hopes that they link back to your content. This process is called Link Building Outreach. The goal is to build backlinks to your website.

This is how Google measures the authority (popularity) of your website and is arguably the most important factor for a website.

So really… What Does An SEO Agency actually Do? Let’s count the time.

The information above may seem simple, but what does it translate to in terms of hours worked?

Time Involved For Technical SEO

The amount of time spent on Technical SEO varies incredibly from site to site. It isn’t uncommon that 5-30 hours goes into fixing technical issues on a site. These fixes are usually a top priority and typically need to occur prior to any on-page or off-page work.

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of technical SEO fixes can be done by the website owner themselves for budget conscience business owners. But of course, some of the items mentioned above can be quite complex.

Time Involved For On-Page SEO

For our SEO services, we estimate that optimizing existing content will take approximately 30 minutes per pre-existing page, including blog posts. Of course, some pages will take longer, and some will take less time. The largest factor is the amount of text on a page.

So for a 20-page site, there would be an estimated 10 hours of work to optimize the site.

On-Page (and Technical SEO for that matter) optimization is something that is constantly monitored. And for our clients, we do a round of re-optimization every 2-3 months depending on the results we are seeing.

Time Involved For Off-Page SEO

In theory, off-page SEO is quite simple. You simply compile a list of potentials, refine the list of the potentials to determine the sites you actually want to contact, pitch them, follow up, acquire the backlinks, and repeat.

On average, it takes an estimated 2-4 hours to acquire a backlink for a client website when you factor in all of the steps above. Most local clients need 2-5 backlinks a month, and national sites need 10+ per month.

On a reoccurring basis – link-building outreach is the most time-consuming aspect of any SEO campaign and is where the bulk of the price comes from. However, it is what moves the needle.

Knowing the answer to ‘What Does an SEO agency actually do?’ is critical and you should know the answer before engaging any professional service. As you can see, SEO is a complex process that requires time and attention to detail. However, the benefits of an effective campaign are worth it. If you’re still reading this article with questions about how your business can benefit from SEO Services please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions for free! Our team of experts would love to guide you through this process and create a plan that works best for your needs.

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